Location: Washington, DC 20237

Department: Client


The Multimedia Journalist will support our client, Broadcast Board of Governors in Latin America Division.

The Multimedia journalist shall contact production personnel, anchors and supervisors to propose and discuss assignment topics and perform research and pre-production on the topics to be presented. The Multimedia Journalist shall perform a combination of services that will include researching, interviewing, writing and voicing original news stories and reports. The individual shall conceptualize and design complex programs for radio, television , social and digital media, as required, with an innovative and creative approach. Programs are of various formats, such as live and pre-recorded programs, documentaries, specials on breaking news stories, and remote live feeds. The Multimedia Journalist shall determine how these programs and segments of the programs work across platforms and shall have the ability to adapt material for radio, television , social and digital medial about events in the target region, the U.S. and other countries. The individual shall produce and edit reports using compatible digital technology and shall ensure that audio and video content migrate to the appropriate web sites and social media sites. This person shall perform relevant duties, including writing copy, editing copy, editing audio segments, booking guests and be able to record and process interviews by phone, live face-to-face or in the field as well as anchoring newscasts. The individual shall have extensive knowledge of the target region, its people, culture, institutions and political situation. The Multimedia Journalist shall be fluent in English and Spanish, can adapt English/Spanish material to the target language and translate the target language to English/Spanish. In addition to the above skills, the Multimedia Journalist shall perform a combination of services with respect to acquiring news video content, including researching, photographing, lighting, editing, and producing. The individual shall provide video photography and editing services which go beyond standard camera operation; he or she shall be well versed in video photographic styles and techniques while being able to tell a story with pictures. The Multimedia Journalist shall, when required, serve as the video editor with a script timed to video shots, natural sound emerges and actualities, and complete with suggested visual, audio and graphic efforts and /or perform desktop video editing as practical.


  • 1-5 years of experience in a related field.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • The candidate must be bilingual in Spanish and English.