Location: Washington, DC 20237

Department: Client


The International Broadcaster will support our client, Broadcast Board of Governors in the Hausa Division.

The International Broadcaster shall perform a combination of services that will include researching, interviewing, writing and voicing original news stories and reports. The International Broadcaster shall have the ability to adapt material for radio, television and/or internet about events in the target region, the U.S. and other countries. The individual shall produce and edit reports using compatible digital technology and shall be able to record and process interviews by phone, live face-to-face or in the field. The individual shall have extensive knowledge of the target region, its people, culture, institutions and political situation, and the ability to adapt English material to the target language and adapt the target language to English. The International Broadcaster shall possess and employ basic multimedia skills as required in the completion of each assignment, including the ability to take still photographs and record video via smartphone during field reporting assignments, and to upload photos and videos as needed to agency-based file servers. He or she shall assess different information to validate the comprehensiveness, accuracy and balance of news products, and shall demonstrate high standards of journalism and news experience. He or she shall have the ability to function as news announcer on live or pre-recorded news bulletins or newscasts; for video assignments the International Broadcaster shall wear attire suitable for the assignment. The International Broadcaster shall be familiar with the Agency’s Best Practices Guide and shall adhere to its policies.

The International Broadcaster shall properly complete all daily tasks. These daily tasks include but are not limited to: preparing for assignments; revising video packages; correcting production errors in stories; properly creating line-ups and logs.


  • 5 years of experience in a  related field.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Knowledge of Hausa language is required.